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Here you can find answers to questions frequently asked about The Print Shop Online.

From delivery to design, products to packaging, our FAQs below should help you.
We hope this gives you the answers you need, but if you can't find what you are
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How much will it cost me to have my printing delivered?
In a Word... Nothing!

We know that one of the drawbacks of online shopping is the dreaded 'Calculate your shipping' button at check-out. And if like most of our customers, you live in a remote or regional town, then the shipping cost that appears after you enter your postcode can instantly make that online bargain become an expensive joke.

So... we've set up our business model and our supply chain so that you can rest easy knowing the price you see on any online product (unless specifically  saying otherwise), includes delivery at No Extra Cost to you - Right across Australia - including remote areas! 

Does FREE freight mean I'll wait forever to get my printing delivered? 
Absolutely not. We list the delivery range in working days on every online product. Just click on the 'View Specifications' tab to see the turn around times, which includes time spent in transit. And these turn-around times are industry leading, with most products between 3 - 7 working days and some even less. Check them out for yourself! 

In what instances will there be an additional charge for freight.
There would typically only be 3 reasons why we would need to charge extra for freight... 

1) Our online prices include delivery to one location of your choice. If you require your order to be delivered to more than one location - e.g. a large order of flyers to be delivered to multiple destinations, then additional delivery charges will likely apply. Contact us if you need multiple location delivery.

2) For orders that are within size and weight limits, we will generally air-freight your order to you (e.g. boxes of business cards or small-quantities of flyers). Heavy or over-size items will be sent by road. So you would incur an extra fee for delivery is if you wanted a road-freight item sent by air.  

3) The prices for our same day / next day Building Plan printing and a range of small quantity wide format posters do not include delivery 

How do you I contact you?
Would you like more information about a specific product or have any questions about delivery? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our team are available week days between 8am and 5.30pm WST and they're ready to answer your questions. Call us on 1300 5 PRINT (77468) or email hello@theprintshoponline.com.au

What is your address and location?
We have several agencies across regional Australia (find them under Locations menu), and our head-office is at 16B Plaza Street, South Bunbury, WA, 6230. If you'd like to send us something in the mail, please send to The Print Shop, PO Box 1737, Bunbury, WA, 6231

Which holidays are you closed for?
We're closed on West Australian and Australian gazetted public holidays. We also close our offices and production facilities each year for approximately 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

Who owns the business and where are your print facilities? 
The short version of the story is - The Print Shop Online and it's affiliated stores and agencies are all 100% Australian owned. The business started in Bunbury, WA in 2007 by company founders, Donna and Jeff Austin - Read more about the business and the team here.

Everything we offer is produced at either our Western Australian print hub or out of our supporting NSW or QLD production centres, depending on the product and your location. We do not have offshore print hubs and we do not go offshore to have anything on this site printed... Yep... 100% Australian Printed

I can't find what I'm looking for on your website - can you print it for me?
Our product range is VAST and within that vastness is another multitude of custom options...! Our Online range continues to grow as we add more and more of our products and options... but there is every chance that what you are looking for but cannot find, is absolutely something we can help with. Get in touch - we are in the habit of saying 'Yes - We Can Help with That!'

How do I choose what I want?
We've tried to make it easy to navigate our range. Whether you're looking for business cards, letterheads, flyers, leaflets or any other item, we'll show you the most popular option first. You can then customise your spec to suit your needs. Have a play with the refinement menus on the product pages to try out different styles and finishes. But of course, if you get stuck, please get in touch... We're here to help!

How is my product printed?
All printing's the same right? Leaflets from us are the same as leaflets from that bloke your brother knows. Business cards from that 'other online printer' are as good as ours...right? Well, actually (and not surprisingly) that is Wrong! They may sound the same, but it's like comparing apples with whales. We give you a 'business class' product at an 'economy class' price. We print every order with High Definition Reproduction whether it be a large quantity 'off-set' print job or a short run digital job. This means your photos and text will be printed so vividly, on the best range of quality papers and cards with superb laminates and finishes. You'll be proud to put your brand in print into the hands of your customers & potential customers! 

Where is my product printed?
Here's a simple fact... Everything we have available via our online store is printed here in Australia out of one of our state-of-the-art print hubs... Period!

Is this digital printing?
Unless we tell you otherwise, your order will be printed with High-Definition Reproduction on conventional 'offset' printing presses - the kind that would normally print catalogues and glossy magazines. We print your order with lots of others at the same time, so you get the best price and the highest quality. In fact, there's every chance that your order will be printed on Australia's only HUV 10 Colour A1+ Offset press... If that doesn't mean much but sort of sounds impressive - we can assure you... it really is! :)

Can you print on recycled paper?
Sure - we have recycled options on Business cards, Leaflets, Letterheads, Compliment Slips (in fact most of our range) which can be expertly produced on papers and cards made from 100% recycled materials. Talk to us about how you can highlight your environmentally-conscious choice with a Recycled Choice logo placed subtly onto your printing.

What other papers and card stocks do you offer and what are they like...?
We get it...! Your choice of paper will make the world of difference to your printing. And if you're not already aware - paper is not just paper and the term 'card' can mean so many things. For example, you may have seen online offerings such as $9.99 business cards, which would have you wondering how do they do them so cheap? The answer is - their choice of 'card' type and weight. In fact, if you read the testimonials about these ultra-cheap cards, you'll find people saying things like 'My Business Cards were printed on a 2-ply napkin!' :O

The discussion around paper types and cards can be big and confusing - so here are two steps we recommend you take to ensure that your final product is something you'll be immensely proud to give to others...

1) Read a brief overview and explanation of some of our most popular papers and cards here.

2) Contact us if you're still not sure... We are here to help!

I don't see the size I want - do you do other sizes?
As noted above, our range is vast and the options (and sizes) within that range is close to endless... Of course, you'll get the lowest prices when you stick with 'standard' sizes, but if you need it customised, then call or email us with your spec, and we'll come back to you fast with a tailored quote.

I want individual and bespoke designing - can you help?
At the risk of repeating ourselves... YES :). We have an in-house design team who are kept pretty busy designing and laying out print jobs for our customers. And you'll find our 3-Tier Artwork Packages to be just about the best value around! Especially when you combine that with our 'Nothing is too much trouble' customer service!

If you would like to save even more and design something, check out the  DIY design templates ... The range of industry specific templates on offer is remarkable and even design novices will find editing them a breeze. If you can type a Word document, then you can use our design editing tools!

When I re-order, will my colours be exactly the same?
Colour matching on 4-colour (CMYK) process has come a long way over the recent decades. What was once a bit of a hit and miss approach that relied on manual calibration, is now handled by fanatically precise computer calibration that ensures the closest replication of colours possible when using a 4-colour mix. However slight variations are still possible and can be affected further by paper types and your colour choices - e.g. some burgundies and deep blues can be extra tricky to match time after time.

We do need to point out that the colour that you see on your computer screen is NOT an accurate reflection of what will be produced, nor are the colours produced on paper when you run off a sample on your home or office laser printer. If you're concerned about how your colour will be produced on commercial-quality printers, then email us with your colour splits (e.g. the amounts of Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black) or just send us your artwork, and we'll check your colour splits and provide professional guidance. Oh... if colour matching is even more important to you than the price, then ask us about 'single pot' spot-colour printing for guaranteed colour replication every time. Learn more about colour matching and how to prepare print-ready files here.

Do I need any special skills to supply the print-ready files?
Supplying files that are truly print-ready requires some level of technical expertise. If this isn't you, then maybe continuing with the DIY design templates route makes more sense. Or alternatively, send us your files and we'll check them for free. If you'd like to check that you have the correct bleed, crop-marks, resolution and other technical print-ready stuff sorted, then download a copy of our artwork specifications guide here.

How do I zoom in and out?
At the top right hand corner of the screen you will see an two icons "Zoom in" and "Zoom out". Just hold them down until you're close enough in, or far enough out. You can click 'Size to fit' to fit the hole document in the window.

How do I change text?
Text items which you can change have little pink "Edit" buttons over them. Click "Edit" to change the text. This will also open our Text Editor, where you can change the font, size, line spacing, colour, style and alignment. Simply select the text you wish to edit, start typing or use the Text Editor to make your changes.

How do I move around the page?
On the top right of your screen, click the "Move Page" icon and your pointer will turn into a hand. Move your page by dragging it with the hand, to get it into the position you want. When you're done, click the "Move Page" icon again.

Why can't I move text around the page?
Our professional designers have laboured over the look and feel of each design. It would be really easy to mess this up, so whilst you can change the content of the design - the text, the images - we keep the layout locked.

How can I see the back?
If your item has 2 pages or a reverse, just click on the "Reverse" tab at the top of the page. Click on the "Front" tab to return to the front page.

How do I change text size?
Click on the pink "Edit" button on the text you want to change. This will open our Text Editor to the side of your text box. Simply select the item of text you want to change, then pick a new size from the "Size" drop down menu.

How do I change text colour?
Click on the pink "Edit" button on the text you want to change. This will open our Text Editor to the side of your text box. Simply select the item of text you want to change, then pick one of the available colours from the "Colour" drop down menu.

How do I change font?
Click on the pink "Edit" button on the text you want to change. This will open our Text Editor to the side of your text box. Simply select the item of text you want to change, then pick one of the available typefaces from the "Font" drop down menu.

How do I change text alignment?
Click on the pink "Edit" button on the text you want to change. This will open our Text Editor to the side of your text box. Simply select the item of text you want to change, then in the "Alignment" section, press the "Left", "Centred" or "Right" button.

Can I spell check?
Click on the pink "Edit" button on any text box. This will open our Text Editor to the side of your text box. Press the "Spell-check" button and we'll underline any words which aren't in our dictionary.

How do I edit text?
Click on the pink "Edit" button on the text you want to change. This will open our Text Editor to the side of your text box. Use this to change the font, size, spacing, colour, style and alignment. Simply select the text you wish to edit and start typing.

How do I upload my own image or logo?
If an image can be changed, you'll see a pink "Edit" button in the middle of it. Click the button on the image you want to change and this will bring up our Image Editor. Click the "Replace" button. If there are any suitable images already in your Files & Images folder, you'll see them here. Just click one and click "Use this image". If you'd like to upload a new image or logo, click the "Upload an image from my Computer" tab instead. Click "Browse..." and pick any JPEG or TIF image on your computer and then "Upload Image". You can now use the image editor to move, rotate and scale your image. Best to use good quality, high resolution images. We'll warn you if they aren't good enough quality to print.

What image formats can I upload?
You'll get best results from JPG or TIF images. We print at very high resolution, so images you download from the internet usually aren't good enough for print. We recommend using only good quality, high-resolution images - at least 300dpi (dots per inch). When you take a picture from a digital camera its usually in RGB format. We will convert these to CMYK print format when upload them, but if you do this yourself you'll probably get best results.

There's bit of the design that I can't change - why's that?
Our professional designers have laboured over the look and feel of each design. It would be really easy to mess this up, so whilst you can change the content of the design - the text, the images - we keep the layout locked. Some images or objects might be locked because they are part of the design. It's easy to see which bits you can edit - they're highlighted with pink "Edit" buttons. Click the button and see the options.

Can I save my design and come back later?
Sure. Just press the 'Save' button. You'll need to register or "Sign in". Next time you visit, "Sign in" to your account and you'll see your saved designs on your Dashboard. Just choose the one you want to work on and you can start where you left off.

Can I use my own logo and photos?
Sure. See "How do I upload my own image or logo?" for instructions on how to do it. Please be aware that all images you use within your design must be your own, or you must have permission from the copyright holder to use them. Don't steal images from websites, use photographs which belong to someone else or pictures of celebrities without their permission.

What if I make a mistake?
Please Please (and one more PLEASE) check your design carefully before you send us your artwork. We are able to offer really low prices by automating much of the ordering and design process and this means we don't add the additional cost of having people sitting in a room proof-reading all the artwork we receive.

You don't want to leave checking your spelling or other information until you open the box to look at the finished product. If there is a mistake at that point, it's clearly too late - you'll be really sad - and we don't want that!

So please thoroughly check all telephone numbers, dates, times, addresses, prices and spelling before you order. If you spot an error after you've ordered, then contact us immediately... but if your order has already been sent to the press, then we will not be able to rectify it... so PREVENTION is definitely the best option!

When will new designs be available?
We add new designs every day, throughout the day. If there's something you're looking for and can't find, please contact us and we'll put your request on our "Most Wanted" list.

I don't want (eg fax number) on my design do I have to have it?
We've made sure that all our designs can fit the most common contact details that you might need. If you don't want a particular item, like a fax number or website address, that's fine. Just select the text and press 'delete' or 'backspace' to remove it from your design. You can also delete whole text boxes or logo placeholders by selecting the box and clicking on the red cross.

Can I request further designs?
If you've created a design that you love and want to use it on other items, have a look for matching designs in the same collection. Quite often, we'll put together matching stationery and marketing material. If you don't see what you're looking for please contact us. We'll either ask our designers to build a new template for you to edit, or we'll give you a price for a 'custom' design.


I want to send you a file to print - how do set it up?
We want your file to work and your item to print as expected, so please read our artwork specification guide which covers everything you need to know.

How do I get help with placing an order?
Please read 'Designing Online' section in Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us and we'll be glad to help.

What happens after I place an order?
If you're using one of our designs, we'll start work as soon as you checkout. If you've uploaded your own file for print, we'll check it and let you know if it has passed our preflight checks (that's print-speak for 'checking artwork' and it has nothing to do with pilots or air hostesses!). We can then let you know whether you need to make changes and give you the option of having us to fix it for you.

I'm in a rush - can you help me out?
Sure - we perform the 'nearly impossible' all the time! But to ensure we can meet your tight deadline, go to our contact page and give us a call and we'll let you know if the product and quantity you are chasing is doable in that timeframe. There will often be an additional charge for express couriers and/or to the need for a priority print run. So whilst we can help with 'last minute' orders, we perform our best work when you give us a little more time! :)

Can you check my files for me?
When you upload your files, we'll run automatic preflighting with our FileCheck service. We'll let you know if we find any issues. If we do, we'll let you know what needs fixing, or for a very reasonable fee, we can get your files print-ready for you. See our artwork specifications guide for important information on how to supply your files.

What types of files can I use?
If you're uploading a file for print, please follow our artwork specifications guide and send us a print ready PDF file.

How do I change my order?
Once you've checked out, your order will begin our automated production process. It's not always possible to make changes to it once we've begun and your order has been put into a print run. If you do need to change something, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll see if we can make that change for you.

How do I check my order status?
"Sign in" to your account and click on the "Orders" tab at the top. You'll see "Your Orders In Progress" and in the "Progress" column you can keep track of where we're up to.

What if I'm not happy with my order?
We only exist because of the quality of our products and the value our customers receive. If you are not 100% delighted with your order, then please contact us and explain what your concern is. Whilst we can't guarantee (without understanding what went wrong) that we'll reprint at no cost, we can assure you that we'll do our very best to put things right and to earn your business again.

Can I order a (free) sample?
Please contact us and let us know what you'd like a sample of and for most of our range, we'll be able to send a similar product and finish to what you are looking to order. We can't however print just one of your flyers or business cards or brochures, etc... Well actually we can - but the cost to you for us to do that will be silly! We know that for very large orders you'd like to see a sample first, so in these cases, we can produce a digital sample which will be a pretty close representation of the final product. Get in contact and we'll discuss this with you.

There's something wrong with my order, what do I do?
We work hard to make sure you order is produced to our high standards. In the unlikely event that you find something wrong, please contact us and explain the issue. We'll do our very best to resolve it to your satisfaction. We don't get 5-star ratings by ignoring problems

Can I cancel my order?
Once you've checked out, your order will begin our automated production process. As we're manufacturing something just for you, it's not possible to cancel your order once your order has started to be printed.

I've noticed a mistake can I change my order?
Please check your design carefully before you finish. We offer fantastic prices by automating much of the print process. So the first set of human eyes proof-reading your design will be your own when you open the box. We don't want you to be sad. So please check all telephone numbers, dates, times, addresses, prices and spelling before you order. If you spot an error after you've ordered, then there is a very small window of time to fix it before it goes to print. After that time, then we are sorry but we cannot rectify it. This is why checking your artwork thoroughly before sending it to us is so important. 


How can I pay?
The fastest way to get your printing underway is to pay securely online via our payment platform which uses Stripe. Even though we are charged a fee for every transaction, we have chosen to absorb this cost and not pass it onto our customers. We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard & AMEX as well as all major Debit cards.  You can also pay using direct deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer - EFT) however with this option there will be a one or two working day delay before we can begin printing your order, whilst we wait for your payment to be confirmed from our end.

I have a question about an invoice / payment. What should I do?
Please contact us us if you have a question about an invoice or payment you've made. To get copies of invoices, "Sign in" to your account and then click the "Invoices" tab at the top of the screen.

How do I get my GST invoice?
We'll automatically email you a GST compliant invoice at the moment we print your order. To change the email address this gets sent to, "Sign in" to your account and then click "Your Details" tab at the top of the screen. To get copies of invoices, "Sign in" to your account and then click the "Invoices" tab at the top of the screen. Can I Pay with cash or cheque? We only accept payment by debit or credit card online. If you'd to establish Credit Account terms, please contact us and we can discuss the options.

Is my payment secure?
We have chosen Stripe as our payment partner, largely due to their industry leading security protocols. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we make use of best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe.

Should I be charged GST?
Since we sell predominantly to businesses who claim back the GST portion of their purchases, all our displayed prices exclude GST - because that is the amount that you will end up paying if you are a business registered for GST. We'll add the 10% GST to your order at check-out. The amount of GST paid in $ will be displayed clearly on your invoice so you can claim it back through your business.

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